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Healthy Curry Restaurants Manchester

Eating vegan or vegetarian food in Manchester does not have to cost a lot. If you are looking for a vegan and vegetarian food, then Coriander Restaurant is blessed with plenty of great veggie-friendly options such as onion bhaji, samosa, coriander special vegetable and dal. However, a coastal style vegetable is the pick of the bunch. In just £8.50, it is certainly one of the Coriander Restaurants best vegetarian option.

With veganism and vegetarian food on the rise, according to research about ten percent people in the UK have completely turned to vegetarian food. Hence,it has never been easier to dine out pure vegetarian food in Manchester.

Coriander Restaurant’s prices are so cheap that you can order one dish of everything. While vegan options and menu pops up everywhere in the city. Most small restaurants and takeawayseven offer veg pizza, breakfast and glutton free food.We are also very close to vegan supermarket in Chorlton and committed to satisfy shopper’s vegan food needs.

Going to restaurants should not be the case to eat unhealthy foods.  Rather we need to be aware of all the ingredientsof meal we eat and health issues that may arise. We at Coriander Restaurants Manchester recommend adding more veggies salad consisting of carrot, onion and cucumber before main course.

Based on Pennsylvania State University research report, people those ate a big veggie salad before the main course ate fewer calories overall than those who didn’t have a first-course salad, provided salad isn’t fatty

Customers can always ask us how our food was prepared. We would reveal all the ingredients & calories in the food. For example, cholesterol free food does not necessary mean fat free as it can still be filled with dense oil.

We at Coriander Restaurants are committed to offer healthy, light and low fat food to our customers, you can also ask for low carb options. Looking forward to serve you, for bookings please call us on: 0161 8810340